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It was the second time that we have spent holidays in Langkawi. The first time was just before we moved to SinNew_IMG_0402gapore and we loved it enough to return for another week of holidays!

This time we went back with Sjoerd's parents and we had a great time. It was less sunny than the first time, but that made it was more plesant to discover the island.
Of course we did again island-hopping trip with the eagle feeding, and it a nice spectacle again! There were at least 30 eagles flying around us, diving for the pieces of fish thown in the water by the boatman water. It was unbelievable how close to us they were flying and the speed with which they approached the water. There were two different types of eagles with very different colors. We can’t remember the names of the species, but they were both amazingly beautiful...
This time we have also taken the cable car up the mountain and the views were well worth the trip! The whole trip was actually nicer than we had expected...
Next to the cable car station there is also an amazing stable where horses are very well taken care of! We didn’t have time to ride them, but it is certainly on the list for next time.
But the most amazing thing we discovered in Langkawi is Bon Ton. This is a fantastic hotel / restaurant / animal rescue centre / animal clinic. It’s truly an amazing place.
The rooms are fantastic, not cheap, but really great looking bungalows and there are plenty of cats and dogs walking around, especially cats! It was just so good to see that there is a place like this in Langkawi, where animals are treated well. They all have their stories, most of them were found or unwanted and this is where they end up. An absolutely amazing initiative and we just wish more like this would exist! What an oasis of happiness for all these animals.

We discovered they had even more cats a little bit further afield away from the hotels, at least 80 fat, sterilized happy cats! We loved loved this place!!!!!!!!!!!
We’ll be back in Langkawi, back at BON TON...

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