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Holiday on Koh Yao Yai

This year we decided to have a beach holiday for Chinese New Year  - and what a great decision that was!

We had our tickets booked to Phuket a long time ago, but Phuket seems to be just too busy around this time of the year. We decided to explore a smaller island just off Phuket called Koh Yao Yai. It takes about 40 min by boat from the Marina and it is a quiet refuge far from the crowds of Phuket, especially around Chinese New Year.
We managed to find the most wonderful boutique resort called Elixir Resort and it was super relaxing. Our friend Rahim joined us on this trip ,and even though he had a small motorbike accident he enjoyed the good treatment on the small island!
All we wanted read great books on the beach and at the pool side, eat great food and have the best massages ever!
I am really not a massage person, but at this resort the massages were so good that I wanted to get it every day. Even the boys enjoyed it, which is exceptional for Sjoerd. The ladies there are tough, but that’s exactly what makes it so good.
We didn't do lots of activities (although you could go diving and kayaking), but this is just a fantastic place for relaxing and one of those places where you just want to go back to - he sooner the better  :-)

Click here for more pictures.

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